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Our Team Has Taken Injury Victims Under Our Wing Since 1981

Anyone at any time can become an injury victim without warning and find their world has been turned upside down. While the incident itself may have been random, the lawyer you pick to represent you should not be. You should take careful consideration before hiring just any attorney. At Sarkisian Personal Injury Lawyers, our Indiana lawyers will put your questions and doubts to rest. With a personable and proactive approach, you will not have to simply settle or take a chance. As our client, you can feel secure knowing your case is in the hands of a team who cares about helping you.

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We Put An End To Insurance Companies’ Intimidation Tactics

After you report an injury to an insurance company, they launch an investigation to determine where they can minimize losses on a claim. They may actively look for reasons to deny your claim. Never assume that an insurance company is on your side — especially a workers’ compensation insurer. They do not always have your best interests in mind. They may use intimidation tactics to try and get you to settle right away.

However, chances are that you are entitled to receive much more than the insurance company is offering you. Do not be duped by persuasive insurance companies. At our firm, we know what their true intentions are, and we will not let you be victimized a second time.

Free Day And Evening Consultations

Whether it is 9 a.m. or 6 p.m., our attorneys are standing by to answer questions. Request a complimentary consultation at a time that works for you by calling 219-733-8904 or sending our Merrillville or Valparaiso offices an email.