How to Avoid Vehicle Rollover Accidents

| Oct 23, 2015 | Firm News |

Indiana Car Accident Lawyer

Vehicle rollover accidents are extremely dangerous, because they can result in more critical injuries than a traditional car accident. Here’s how to avoid getting in a vehicle rollover crash, and what to do if you or a loved one were hurt in a rollover accident.

Avoid Driving an SUV

Although many manufacturers maintain that SUVs are safe vehicles, especially with new technology, the fact remains that most of them are top heavy. This can either cause a vehicle to roll after a particularly sharp turn, or contribute to a vehicle rollover after the SUV is involved in an accident. If possible, avoid driving an SUV and instead opt for an automobile that is less top heavy and has its weight more evenly distributed across the vehicle frame.

Don’t Make Sudden, Jerking Movements With the Wheel

A big contributor to rollover accidents is when the driver of a car makes a sudden, jerking movement with the wheel. This is commonly done in order to avoid an accident or hitting something (e.g., a dog that runs out into the road), but it can quickly make the situation worse. Avoid the temptation to swerve away from an object in the road or to overcorrect the car if you drift out of your lane. Also, avoid making swift or jerking movements when driving in snow, ice, rain, and other hazardous conditions.

Don’t Drive While Distracted

Indiana laws prohibit cell phone use while driving; however, many people choose to violate this law on a daily basis. If you text and drive, or otherwise drive distracted, you are putting yourself and other people on the road at risk. Many rollover accidents are caused by distracted driving. Any text message or phone call can wait until you are stopped or have arrived at your destination.

Were You or a Loved One Hurt in a Vehicle Rollover Accident?

If you or a family member were injured in a vehicle rollover accident, it’s critical to get legal support right away. Even if no one else was involved, the vehicle manufacturer may be legally liable for a design defect in the car that caused it to roll. Only an experienced car accident attorney can help you determine if you are eligible for compensation for your injuries.

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