Read This Before You Settle Your Car Accident Claim

| Feb 8, 2016 | Firm News |

Indiana Car Insurance Claim Attorney

Not only is a car accident stressful because of the physical injuries you sustained, but also because the insurance claims process can be equally frustrating. Many people are tempted to settle as soon as possible, get the money they need for hospital bills and repairs, and move on with their lives. But are you settling too soon? Read this before you settle your car accident claim.

The Insurance Company’s First Offer Is Almost Always Too Low

Insurance companies are a business, like any other, and they’re in business to make money. They can’t do that when they are paying out hundreds of thousands, or even millions, on car accident claims. If your claim isn’t outright denied, they are likely going to offer the lowest possible amount. Often, this first settlement is far lower than what is needed to cover even your most basic post-accident expenses.

Have You Calculated Your Claim’s Total Worth?

Something an insurance company won’t do is fully calculate your claim’s total worth. Since they want to pay out as little as possible, they aren’t going to look into collecting every hospital or doctor bill, every vehicle repair receipt, or documentation of your lost wages. It is up to you to put that information together. If you haven’t yet, you don’t have a real idea of what your claim is worth. A car accident attorney can help you gather this information so that you know approximately how much you should be compensated for. If the insurance company’s offer is below that, it is likely in your best interest to decline and present the insurance company with your documentation.

Get Someone On Your Side Who Works For YOU 

Unfortunately, the car insurance company isn’t working for you: not your own insurance company, and especially not the at-fault party’s insurance company. They are working to ensure they pay out as little as possible on your claim. If you or a loved one have been hurt in an accident, you deserve to have someone on your side with your best interests in mind.

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