What Obligations Do You Have to Insurance Companies After a Car Crash?

| Apr 26, 2016 | Firm News |

Indiana Car Accident Lawyer

Although being involved in an accident is a harrowing experience, many people find themselves frustrated after dealing with insurance companies. Insurance companies — both yours and the other driver’s — can be ruthless when it comes to working with injured individuals and their families. What you say to them can impact your case, so should you say anything at all? What obligations do you have to these companies, and what rights do you have to say no?

Obligations to Your Own Insurance Company

Although you do not have to tell your insurance company how you’re feeling or provide them with the contact numbers of your family, friends or doctors, there are some things that you are obligated to provide after a car accident. Generally speaking, you’ll need to provide them with the basic information about the accident, and you may need to provide them with your medical records. However, avoid giving them full access to all of your medical records via a release form. Instead, obtain the records specifically related to the accident and send them to the insurance company yourself.

Obligations to the Other Driver’s Insurance Company

Unlike with your own insurance company, you have little to no obligation to provide information to the other driver’s insurance company, although they will likely contact you and attempt to get information from you, including your medical records. You have no obligation to provide any of your medical records to the other driver’s insurance company, and you actually do not have to even speak to their insurance company. The best course of action is to provide them with the contact information of your car accident attorney. Your attorney is better suited to answer the questions that are being asked and can let them know what information is within your rights to decline.

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