The Most Important Car Accident Photos to Take

| May 18, 2016 | Firm News |

Indiana Car Accident Attorney

Having photographic evidence of your car accident can be extremely valuable when you submit a claim for compensation. Here are some of the most important car accident photos to take, to ensure that everything is visually documented.

Photos of the Accident In Situ

If you are not too seriously injured, take photos of the accident as soon as possible after the crash occurs, before either car is even moved. If you have to move the cars to the side of the road, take the photos at that point. If you are injured but another person in your vehicle is not, ask if they can take these photos. Sometimes this is not possible, and that’s okay. Securing photos of the accident in situ can go a long way when proving fault.

Photos of the Damage to the Vehicle

Document every single bit of damage to your vehicle. This can be done on-site if you aren’t injured, or later when the vehicle has moved to an alternative location. Take pictures of the vehicle from a distance to document damage as a whole, and also take close-up pictures of each section of the vehicle, or each portion of damage. For example, take photos of a broken headlight from several different angles, and take photos of scratches or dents as well. All damage should be documented photographically.

Photos of Your Injuries

Some of the most important photos you can take are of your injuries. This can be ongoing: take pictures of the injury when it was fresh and throughout the healing process. If possible, take photos of your injuries before you exit the vehicle or at the site of the accident. If you’ve been transported to the hospital, ask a friend, family member, or even a nurse to take photos of your injuries for you. As you heal, be sure to take photos and document the healing process, so it can be noted how long it took to heal, if there are permanent scars, etc.

When to Contact an Attorney

If you take photos of all of the above, you will have a lot of photos to deal with. Your car accident attorney can keep these on file for you and will know when to use them in your claim. Contact Sarkisian Law Offices today for a consultation if you’ve been injured in a car accident by calling 219-733-8904.