3 Types of Spinal Cord Injuries That Can Significantly Impact Your Life

| Mar 18, 2017 | Firm News |

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One of the most common groups of injuries that can occur in a car accident are back injuries. With severe back injuries, the spinal cord is often damaged, which can cause a myriad of life-altering symptoms. Since the spinal cord cannot repair itself like other parts of the body, any damage done will be long-lasting. Find out about the three types of spinal cord injuries and what to do if you or a loved one are hurt in a car accident.

1. Central Spinal Cord Syndrome

Central spinal cord syndrome is caused when the center of the spinal cord is injured. To reach the center of the cord, at least one side of the outside of the cord must also be injured. The center of the spinal cord carries signals from the body to the brain. Individuals with this injury often experience paralysis of the arms, loss of fine motor skills, and may even lose control of their bladder and/or bowels.

2. Anterior Spinal Cord Syndrome

Anterior spinal cord syndrome is caused when the front of the spinal cord is injured. This damages the sensory and motor pathways and is more likely to result in the loss of gross motor skills. Many individuals with this type of injury struggle with movement and may be paralyzed partially or completely. However, some individuals do retain sensation even though movement is difficult or impossible.

3. Brown-Sequard Syndrome

Brown-Sequard Syndrome is caused when one side of the spinal cord is injured only. When this occurs, an individual may be unable to move one side of their body, but may retain full sensation and movement on the other side of their body where the part of the spinal cord that controls that side was unaffected by the injury.

When to Contact a Back Injury Lawyer

If you sustained a spinal cord injury due to a car accident, or any type of incident, you may be eligible for compensation. The costs of a spinal cord injuries are high. If someone else was at fault for your injury, you may be able to hold them legally responsible for the damages you incurred.

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