5 Ways Motorcyclists Can Avoid Aggressive Drivers

| Jun 1, 2017 | Firm News |

Indiana Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Riding a motorcycle is a favorite pastime for many in the Indiana area. However, motorcyclists contend with aggressive drivers who share the road. In fact, many drivers fail to provide motorcyclists with the same duty of care they do drivers of cars or trucks. Here are 5 ways to avoid aggressive drivers, and what to do if you or a loved one were injured in a motorcycle accident.

1. Avoid All Distractions

While riding your motorcycle, it’s best to avoid distractions. Turn down the music and leave your cell phone in your pocket. While these are great habits to have any time you ride, they are particularly important when you are dealing with aggressive drivers.

2. Signal to Other Drivers

Use your turn signals, and if necessary, use your hands to signal to other drivers which way you’re going. This helps drivers know where you’re headed and anticipate your next move. Then, they can steer clear or go around you.

3. Avoid Speeding

Speeding causes other drivers to become aggressive. If you happen to get into a motorcycle accident while speeding, the risk of injury and death goes up exponentially. So, be mindful of the posted speed limit in the area in which you are driving. Maintain a safe speed, even when dealing with aggressive drivers.

4. Avoid Tailgating

Like speeding, tailgating can cause drivers to become aggressive or angry. A driver who you are tailgating may even slam on their brakes in an effort to “warn” you to get back, but this often leads to the motorcyclist rear-ending the vehicle. Unfortunately, many aggressive drivers believe that if they are rear-ended by a motorcycle, it will be the motorcyclist’s fault — and they know that they are unlikely the ones who will be hurt in the collision.

5. Pull Over if Necessary

If you are on the road with an aggressive driver, it’s best to pull over and let them pass you. It’s not worth the risk of an accident and it often only takes a few minutes to pull over, let the aggressive driver go around you, and then get back on the road.

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