How to File a Wrongful Death Claim in a Single Car Accident

| Sep 2, 2017 | Firm News |

Indiana Wrongful Death Car Accident Attorney

Many people mistakenly assume that a driver in a single car accident is at fault. Therefore, no claim can be brought forward for financial compensation. Depending on the circumstances of the case, if you’ve lost a loved one in a single car crash, you may still be able to file a wrongful death suit against an at-fault party. But who would the at-fault party be? Here’s what you should know.

Vehicle Manufacturing Defects

In many single car accidents, a problem with the vehicle either caused the accident or contributed to it becoming deadly. For example, vehicle manufacturers could be held responsible in fatal car accidents when:

  • The brakes do not function as they should and prevent an individual from stopping or slowing down
  • A tire blows out at a high speed, causing the vehicle to careen off course
  • A vehicle’s design makes it much more prone to rollovers, increasing the risk of fatality significantly
  • A vehicle’s airbags do not deploy

In one particular instance, General Motors recalled hundreds of thousands of vehicles due to a faulty ignition switch that caused numerous crashes, injuries, and deaths. The ignition switch in question could easily slip into the accessory position while the vehicle was in “drive”. This could cause the sudden loss of power braking, power steering, and in some instances, preventing the airbags from deploying.

How to Bring Forward a Wrongful Death Claim

If your loved one was killed in a single car accident, consider various factors contributing to the accident. Even if speeding or inclement weather were involved, a vehicle defect may have still played a role. Your loved one deserves justice. If there’s a possibility that a vehicle defect was responsible for their death, the manufacturer of the vehicle should be held accountable.

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