Why Your Car Accident Case Needs an Expert Witness

| Oct 23, 2017 | Firm News |

Indiana Car Accident Lawyer Expert Witness

Witnesses of any kind — both lay witnesses and expert witnesses — can help bolster your car accident claim. Lay witnesses are typically individuals who saw the car accident take place and can provide a testimony about what happened. Meanwhile, expert witnesses are doctors, accident reconstructionists, and other professionals that can provide an expert opinion. Here’s why your car accident case can benefit from having an expert witness on board.

Lay Witness Testimony

Lay witnesses can testify to the court about who may be responsible for an accident. They can be particularly useful in cases where the other party’s insurance company is disputing fault. For example, a lay witness who saw the accident can testify who made an illegal left turn or ran a stop sign. Or, they could provide testimony about a lack of traffic control or signs at the scene of the accident. If there are any lay witnesses available in your case, it’s crucial that you secure their written or verbal testimony.

Expert Testimony

The court considers professionals who have specialized training in a certain field an “expert” in that field. Good examples of expert witnesses that may be valuable to a car accident case are health care providers, such as the doctor who first treated you in the emergency room, accident specialists, and economists. A health care provider may be able to tell the court why your injuries are significant. They also may say how you will be affected by them now and in the future. An economist can provide accurate projections for wages and other expenses that should be compensated.

These types of expert witnesses are critical to obtaining full and fair compensation from a claim. The insurance company may try to lowball you when it comes to estimating future wages. On the other hand, an economist can testify why you should receive a higher amount.

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