What the Increasing Demands in the Trucking Industry Could Mean for Personal Injury Accidents

| Jan 19, 2018 | Firm News |

trucking accidents may become more common in coming years

Do you already know a person who has lived to tell the tale about a serious trucking accident? If so, you’re not alone- many people have had to go through the ordeal of trying to fight through pain medication, surgery, and rehab because of a preventable trucking accident caused by a negligent driver.

Anyone who has survived a trucking accident knows that the consequences can be catastrophic. The medical bills associated with a trucking accident are overwhelming for anyone and the toll associated with the loss of loved one in a preventable trucking accident can be too much to bear. The trucking industry is experiencing major shortages across the country; meaning that trucking companies may be taking on less experienced drivers and rushing the training process in order to get those drivers working as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, it may be the victims in trucking accidents who ultimately pay the price for this type of behavior in the future. It is expected that the shortfall will continue to grow in coming years.

In 2015, that shortfall was approximately 45,000 drivers. However, in 2017 analysis conducted by the American Trucking Association, anticipates that this deficit will reach 50,000 by the end of the year and could grow in the next ten years by six figures. Many truck drivers are approaching retirement and given that the average age of a truck driver in the United States is 49, it is anticipated that more truck drivers than ever will be contemplating retirement in the coming years.

This means that many trucking industry jobs will be opening for those who are interested, but this could lead to major consequences for those who are hurt in an accident by a driver who was not experienced or who took the job without the proper training. Liability in trucking accidents can be very complex and should only be handled by an experienced attorney who is dedicated to pursuing maximum recovery for the victim.