What Injuries are Most Commonly Associated with Rear End Crashes?

| Feb 6, 2018 | Firm News |

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A rear end vehicle crash can seemingly come out of nowhere if you were minding your business and following rules of the road when someone suddenly hits your vehicle from behind. The most common injuries associated with rear end accidents can represent significant lost time at work and medical expenses for you as the victim. Understanding your rights and knowing how to proceed with the assistance of an experienced personal injury lawyer is vital to developing a claim. Many of the most common injuries associated with rear end vehicle crashes can impact a victim’s life for weeks, months or even years following the incident. Proper illustration of the severity of the injuries and the likely impact on the victim’s life is important for the recovery of maximum compensation. Even though many of these rear end accidents occur at low speeds, they can still lead to significant injuries. There are seven common injuries typically linked to rear end vehicle accidents. These include:

· Paralysis
· Spinal cord injury
· Disfigurement
· Brain injury
· Whiplash
· Broken bones
· Concussion

The body is most likely to have injured skeletal structure in a rear end crash and the surrounding nerves. This means a whiplash like injury is one of the most commonly reported by someone who has been struck in a rear end accident. These type of soft tissue injuries can represent significant day to day pain and can be hard to show in your medical records. You may not even realize the impact of a soft tissue injury until sometime after the accident has passed.

Getting appropriate medical evaluation as soon as possible after the incident has occurred can greatly increase your chances of recovery of compensation and ability to focus on the medical treatment you will need to get better. A rear end crash may need to be evaluated immediately by an experienced personal injury attorney who has worked in the field for years to give you the best possible chance of maximum recovery in the course. No one deserves to be a victim in a rear end accident caused by someone else, but you do have rights.