Rising Awareness Over Sunroof Ejection Accidents May Prompt Further Specifications

| Mar 11, 2018 | Firm News |

As summer gets closer, it’s tempting to open up the sunroof and take in some fresh air and vitamin D. But have you ever wondered whether or not your sunroof could make you more likely to get ejected from your car?

Sunroofs are becoming increasingly popular and they are also growing in size. However, the regulations associated with sunroofs have not followed with this changing marketplace for sunroofs.

Anyone who is hurt in a critical accident in which the dynamics of the incident are just right, may end up being the victim of a sunroof ejection. Sunroof ejection accidents can lead to catastrophic injuries or fatalities because the driver can be thrown from the vehicle and also sustain significant cuts and other injuries associated with broken glass.

These circumstances cannot always be avoided when a crash occurs, but the growing size of sunroofs makes it all the more likely that the glass is less stable in the event of an accident, putting a person inside the car at risk for severe injuries. If these sunroofs are not installed or maintained properly, it can increase the chances of an accident that could forever change the life of a person who is hurt. Unfortunately, there are very limited rules about sunroofs on the market today.

No specific safety standards have been developed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration with the overall goal of reducing ejections through sunroofs. However, that may change soon as a number of safety advocates are coming forward to share their concerns about the dangers of sunroofs and resulting accidents. If you believe that you were thrown through the sunroof because of another driver who was negligent or because of an improperly installed sunroof, you may have grounds for a personal injury claim.

A personal injury claim might include allegations that another driver caused the accident or it could relate to a defective car part or improperly repaired car part, like your sunroof. No matter what you suspect, you need help you a lawyer.