Do Insurance Companies Ever Attempt to Wrongfully Deny Claims?

| Feb 7, 2019 | Firm News |


Have you ever been in the position of filing a legitimate insurance claim only to discover that you are not able to get the benefits that you thought were covered under your policy? Unfortunately, far too many Americans realize this experience after it is too late.

You may assume that your insurance company has your best interests in mind, but the insurance company has a bottom line goal of protecting their own revenues and profits. This means that this can come as an overwhelming surprise when you submit what you believe to be a legitimate claim. This is particularly true if you were involved in a vehicle accident with another party who is at fault for the accident and you have to initiate a claim with that person’s insurance policy.

If you were injured and it was another person’s fault, you should expect to hear from an adjuster for the at-fault party’s insurance carrier. You deserve fair compensation under the law as a victim for the injuries that you’ve sustained. However, this insurance adjuster is not there to help you. Instead, their goal is only to protect the insurance company.

Every insurance adjuster goes through comprehensive training to achieve this ultimate goal and may even get involved in tactics that are used to delay ofdeny your claim unfairly.

Some of the most common tactics engaged in by an insurance company include:

  • Contacting you
    immediately after you have been hurt to try to take advantage of this vulnerable
  • Requesting
    that you give a recorded statement.
  • Asking you to
    sign a medical authorization that gives them full access to your medical
  • Denying
    liability partially or completely.
  • Offering you
    the opportunity to receive a quick cash settlement in exchange for release of
    your claim.
  • Disputing a
    portion of your medical bills or treatment or arguing that you should not get
    additional treatment since it wouldn’t be covered.
  • Using delay
    tactics to get you to settle for a lower amount or to give up entirely.

All of these unfortunate situations might be avoided by retaining an experienced insurance claim denial attorney who will verify that your rights are being protected to the fullest.