What’s the Difference Between Driver Versus Company Liability in A Truck Accident?

| Mar 6, 2019 | Firm News |

Truck Accident Injury Claims Lawyer

Have you already been hurt in an Indiana trucking accident?

The consequences can be severe for a victim who is riding or operating a passenger vehicle. The major difference between a traditional vehicle and a truck is the weight and size and amplifying factors such as excessive speed can make injuries much more serious for a passenger or a driver hurt in an accident. It is not always clear who is liable for the injuries sustained in a commercial truck accident, which means that your Indiana personal injury lawyer should be on hand to investigate the accident scene immediately.

Who Is Responsible For The Trucking Accident?

After a vehicle accident involving a commercial truck, your gut instinct might be that the truck driver is responsible for your injuries, however, more than one entity could be held liable in trucking accidents.

An employer, for example, could be held liable for the wrongful acts committed by employees or agents; so long as the acts were committed within the scope of employment and unintentional.

This means that you must determine whether or not the driver involved in the Truck Accident was an employee or an independent contractor. This is the first thing that you must show in your Indiana personal injury case. Identifying what acts fall within the scope of employment is another important aspect of your Indiana personal injury claim.

Thorough Truck Accident Injury Investigation

A thorough investigation of the accident scene will help you to identify whether or not multiple entities could be held accountable for the injuries that you sustained in an accident.

It can be difficult to put the pieces of your life back together and to figure out how to move on after you have been hurt in a critical accident. This is why you need an attorney who is very familiar with fighting back against these trucking companies and their involved insurance agencies.

Recovering From Your Injuries

Sometimes this requires bringing in expert witnesses or reconstructing the scene of the accident so that you can clarify exactly what might have happened to cause the accident in the first place. Your focus must be on recovering from your injuries, so trust a talented Indiana Truck Accident lawyer to help with other aspects of your claim.