What are tips for improving your memory?

| Sep 30, 2019 | Firm News |

If you are an Indiana resident living with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), recovery can be tough. This is especially true if you are suffering from memory problems. Sarkisian Personal Injury Lawyers are here to discuss the small changes you can make that can help improve your ability to remember things. 

The first step is to work within your current limitations and take advantage of the medical help you can get. Doctors and therapists will often be able to chart out your progressive recovery and make recommendations as to what they believe you should try next. 

Next, use memory aids wherever possible. Experiment to find which ones work best for you. Do you need a calendar where you can write things down? Does it help if you have sticky notes around your room in places that are easy to see? What about setting reminders on your phone or personal electronic assistant? Many people also benefit from overlapping different memory aids so they aren’t depending on one system alone. 

Finally, take things slowly. If you rush through recovery, you risk overwhelming yourself. Having too much sensory input and mental activity is already difficult enough for a fully healthy brain to cope with. Make sure to be kind to yours and give yourself plenty of breaks and kindness, rather than beating yourself up. 

These small changes can make a difference in the recovery of those dealing with traumatic brain injury. If you want to read more about other small changes you can make or how TBIs can affect memory in general, check out our web page on brain injuries here.