Are you coping with injury trauma in a healthy way?

| Oct 22, 2019 | Firm News |

A recent catastrophic injury in Indiana, maybe an automobile or work injury, knocked your world off its axis and left you reeling. Your body is on the mend, but have you taken time to access your mental and emotional health? 

The American Psychiatric Association offers tips and insights on responding to trauma. Find out how you can ensure that you heal both physically and psychologically. 

Understand common reactions following trauma  

The only way to know when you experience trauma is to familiarize yourself with prevalent reactions to trauma. You may struggle to fall and stay asleep, or maybe you feel isolated in your personal experiences and think no one has felt the way you do. Additional common reactions are struggling with depression and anxiety and having difficulty focusing. 

Know what to do about experiencing trauma  

While it is great to educate yourself on reactions to trauma, it is more important that you do not fall into a research void, which could do more harm than good. Only use viable, current and reliable sources for any research you do. Look into local resources that can help you cope and understand what is going on. Also, do not hesitate in seeking out a therapist or psychiatrist who can offer you professional help. 

Rely on healthy coping strategies for trauma 

While on the mend, it is vital to refrain from alcohol and illicit drug use as coping mechanisms. Rather than avoid negative emotions, it is better to face them, name them, and discuss them with friends and relatives who are emotionally equipped to listen to and support you. 

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.