Can your home accommodate you after your recent TBI?

| Oct 15, 2019 | Firm News |

Your recent catastrophic injury and the resulting traumatic brain injury left you in an Indiana medical facility for quite a while. While doctors cleared you to go home, your residence may not have the infrastructure necessary to support your new accommodation needs. 

To better recognize what changes you may want to make to your home, look to Brain Injury Association of America. The right accommodations can make a huge difference in your continuing recovery and mental health. 

Ceiling lift  

Depending on how your TBI impacted your overall physical capabilities, you may need to install a ceiling lift. Such lifts make moving from a wheelchair to a bed easier and less hazardous in regards to causing further injury or strain. 


If you use a wheelchair as a result of your accident and/or injury, installing ramps at home entrances and exits is a good idea. Check the most recent Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines for the best measurements. 

Roll-in shower  

You may not be able to shower like you used to. Look into roll-in showers to make personal hygiene easier and more comfortable. 

Family responsibilities  

Other than modifying your home, you may also need to modify family responsibilities after your TBI. For instance, maybe you brought in a majority of your family’s income before your accident. Who takes over as the main breadwinner now? Maybe your parents agreed to let you move back in or you live with a sibling or close friend. Either way, it is best to discuss the nuances of your new living situation and its dynamics. 

This information is only intended to educate and should not be interpreted as legal advice.