You we have many things to worry about when you are pursuing a personal injury case in Indiana. Some of these, such as the material facts of your case, are out of your control. Others, you may have more influence over. 

One potentially important element of your case could be, believe it or not, your social media presence. These days, one of the first things that many personal injury defense attorneys do is perform an internet search on the person filing the claim. If you were to seek compensation for your injuries, that person would be you. 

At Sarkisian Personal Injury Lawyers, we understand how difficult catastrophic injuries can be for your entire family. Sometimes, it seems almost impossible not to reach out to those not directly involved in the case for support. However, it could be a good idea to curtail this behavior for the duration of your case if at all possible. 

This is especially true when it comes to communications that are capable of leaving a permanent record, such as social media posting, online chat or other, similar types of conversations. This could help you establish the reality of your suffering — especially in terms of the severity of yours or your loved ones’ injuries — even in the face of defense arguments to the contrary. 

Once our clients understand the potential consequences of posting online, they often realize that taking a break from social media is in line with their larger goals. For example, many people would rather keep the details of their case as private as possible. From a legal side, we would help achieve this goal by pursuing a reasonable settlement outside of litigation. From a social perspective, even restricted audiences and private accounts on social media tend to have a way of going public. 

As mentioned before, social media is just one unexpected aspect of a personal injury case for many people. To learn more, please continue on to our main website.