Serious injuries can cause PTSD in accident victims

| May 13, 2020 | Firm News |

While many people associate post traumatic stress disorder with veterans, the condition can affect Indiana residents following a catastrophic accident. 

PTSD is common in those who experience serious injuries that alter their lives. 

Risk Factors 

VeryWellMind states that as much as 39.2% of motor vehicle accident survivors with injuries experience PTSD. This makes motor vehicle accidents the leading cause of the mental disorder for most Americans. An accident that leads to debilitating injuries comes with high levels of emotions that can spur the development of PTSD. 

Survivors have an increased risk of developing PTSD if they also have other factors such as a family history of psychopathology or experienced prior trauma. Dissociation and a lack of social support following the accident can further increase a person’s risk. 

Unseen Injury 

US News Health states that survivors of traumatic injuries experience emotional scars to go with the physical ones. These emotional scars can cause a wide range of reactions and emotions in the injured person. With most PTSD developing after a patient discharges from the hospital, the condition can take time to properly diagnose. 

PTSD takes at least a month of continuous emotional symptoms to receive a diagnosis. The disorder can lead to substance abuse, depression, relationship difficulties and anxiety that can last a lifetime. 

Unfortunately, the survivor is not the only one who can experience PTSD. A loved one taking care of a critically injured survivor can also experience the disorder. It is important to monitor the symptoms of PTSD both in the survivor and the caregiver so that they can receive treatment.