How can I learn to live with sudden vision loss?

| Jun 8, 2020 | Firm News |

Vision loss can result from a traumatic injury to the head. WebMD explains adjusting to no longer being able to see or to disruptions with your vision requires a focus on restoring mobility and function in daily life. 

You should begin by learning more about vision loss. The internet is a great place to gather information about how others have dealt with similar situations and to tap into some of the greatest medical minds to learn more about your specific condition. 

Regaining independence 

An important step in learning to live with your vision loss is learning to use tools to accommodate everyday tasks, such as using your cell phone. You will also need to learn to use accommodations for things you cannot safely do on your own, such as driving. 

Tackling the mental aspect 

You cannot skip the process of dealing with the mental and emotional effects of your injury because they will hold you back if you do not. You should seek out support groups, talk with a counselor or confide in friends. You need to find someone with whom you can talk about how you feel and work through the natural process of dealing with the loss of your vision. 

Taking care of the physical 

You should also attend all medical appointments. These visits can help ensure you heal properly and do not suffer further complications from your injury. You can also use this time with your healthcare provider to ask questions and get information that can comfort you and help you to better live with your new normal.