How does a TBI alter your personality?

| Aug 20, 2020 | Firm News |

After suffering from a crash in Indiana, you may face repercussions you did not expect. People often talk about the physical aftermath of a crash. Far fewer discuss the behavioral effects that can happen alongside it. 

One of the most jarring potential changes is the alteration of your personality. Not only is this hard for you to deal with as the sufferer, but it is painful for your loved ones, too. 

How head injuries affect behavior

Mayo Clinic examines the mental and behavioral effects of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). TBIs often impact multiple areas of your life. The severity of these impacts depend on the area of the brain that took damage and how bad this damage is. For example, injuring the frontal lobe can result in decreased inhibitions. This is because the frontal lobe hosts the part of your brain that exercises self-control. It allows you to hold yourself back from making rash, knee-jerk decisions. 

Altered personality traits

Other oft-altered personality traits can include: 

  • An increase in agitation or irritability 
  • A quick temper that includes lashing out at loved ones 
  • The inability to cope with anxiety or stress 
  • An increase in breakdowns due to the intensity of your emotions 
  • Crying or yelling without warning, often in public 
  • Impatience and an inability to self-regulate 

Some of these make life harder for you. Trying to work when you are constantly set into breakdowns takes a mental toll and can result in job loss. Your loved ones also suffer. This is particularly true of any who become targets of unexpected bursts of temper. This period of adjustment is difficult on everyone for that reason.