Do I need legal advice before signing an insurance settlement?

| Nov 16, 2020 | Firm News |

If you sustain a serious injury, insurance companies will swoop in and offer you money to settle your claim. The amount may seem substantial but compared to what you might get in court, it is negligible. Agreeing to this initial offer means that you are settling your claim for way less than what it is worth and you cannot go back to ask for more. 

Since insurance companies try to get a good deal, an attorney will advise you if the settlement is fair or if you should fight the case. 

How legal advice can help with the claims process

Consulting with an attorney is an important part of the claims process. Many times, insurance companies will deny the claim initially. If you want them to accept the claim, you may need to submit more evidence. Having an attorney from the beginning is the best way to avoid a denial. Insurance companies are less likely to deny a valid claim if you get an attorney involved. 

When to contact an attorney about your claim

If your injury is really serious, there is a higher chance for dispute because there is more at stake for both parties. You should contact an attorney if you have an expensive or complex claim, a claim where it is hard to establish fault or a claim where you and the insurance company cannot agree early on. 

Retaining an attorney is a great way to ensure that you end up with a settlement that is actually sufficient for your needs.