Clearfield man killed in truck accident

| Dec 7, 2020 | Firm News |

When attempting to assign liability for a motor vehicle accident in Indiana, many people may look to speeding as a potential cause. Most people likely limit the definition of “speeding” to only cases where one drives in excess of the posted speed limits. Yet simply because one’s actions (under normal circumstances) may not merit a criminal citation (such as a speeding ticket) does not necessarily mean that they were not acting recklessly. 

Indeed, there may be circumstances where one operates their vehicle at a speed most would consider dangerous given the particular road conditions. Such speed (even though not excessive according to the standard definition of the law) can still lead to catastrophic results. 

Fatal collision in East Wheatfield Township

This sad reality was on full display in a recent accident that occurred in East Wheatfield Township. According to WCCS Radio, authorities believe that a truck driver lost control of his vehicle due to icy road conditions and slid into oncoming traffic, striking a pickup truck. The Clearfield man driving the pickup truck died in the collision, while his passengers required treatment at a local hospital for injuries. Reports did not specify whether local law enforcement officials plan to bring charges against the truck driver. 

Holding drivers accountable for reckless behavior

The absence of criminal charges in this case (and others like it) does not exclude those affected by one’s negligent actions from seeking legal relief. Truck accident cases in particular may present the potential for liability claims given that professional drivers should understand the risks presented by hazardous road conditions. Pursuing such a claim can be complex, however. Those who choose to do so may wish to first find themselves a reliable source of legal assistance.