Catastrophic job injuries may require a legal action

| Feb 1, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Workplace accidents resulting in a permanent disability or disfigurement may require a lawsuit to obtain relief. A preventable harm that occurs while at work may reflect a liability on the part of an employer or a third party. Medical expenses and lost wages may be recoverable through a legal action.

Employers owe a duty of care to provide employees with a workplace free from hazardous conditions. As noted by the U.S. Department of Labor, an employer has a responsibility to warn employees of potential danger at a workplace.

Maintenance and construction worker injuries

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, maintenance and construction workers generally experience a high number of workplace accidents. A wide range of accidents can cause workers to suffer traumatic brain injuries, bone fractures or an inability to walk or move as freely as they did before the mishap occurred.

As reported by USA Today, repair and maintenance workers exposed to dangerous environments and heavy equipment face a high risk of a catastrophic injury. Falling debris, faulty electrical equipment and outdoor building upkeep accounted for more than 21,000 nonfatal injuries in 2018. Employees working on construction sites experienced at least 20,000 nonfatal injuries during the same year.

Compensation to help extend quality of life

A workplace injury may cause permanent damage and have a serious effect on an employee’s family. An injury may require long-term rehabilitation to overcome a disability. Filing a legal action against an employer that failed to prevent an accident or a third party that caused one may provide compensation for medical expenses.

In addition to covering medical costs, an award from a legal action may cover a loss of wages, even if for the remainder of an employee’s lifetime. The compensation received may also help overcome an unanticipated change in lifestyle.