How serious are foot crush injuries?

| Apr 17, 2021 | Firm News |

Crush injuries are a potential hazard at any place of employment. Obviously, some fields boast a higher risk rate than others. For example, if you work in construction, you are likely around heavy objects that can cause these issues.

But just about anyone at any place of employment can suffer from a crush injury. This includes anything from heavy metal objects dropping on your foot to someone accidentally running over it with a car.

The risks of a crush injury

Podiatry Today takes a look at crush injury cases and how severe they often are. Most people do not understand exactly how easy it is to suffer from a crush injury, and what a big impact it can have on your body. Most crush injuries of the feet result in tissue necrotizing within hours of the initial injury. This means that serious infection like sepsis or gangrene can set in fast.

Accordingly, many foot crush injuries result in a partial or even full amputation of toes or other portions of the foot. Sometimes, a foot is simply beyond salvaging. The bones may end up crushed to the point where they cannot possibly heal. Soft tissue also suffers extreme damage in a crush injury. Sometimes, the soft tissue can split or burst. This makes it next to impossible to heal safely.

A lengthy recovery time

As a result, people who suffer from foot crush injuries end up taking a lot of time to recover. This is especially true in cases involving amputation. Due to this, many sufferers go a period of time without employment and income. This is why many also seek compensation to help them through.