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Frequently Asked Questions About Insurance Claims

If My Insurance Company Denies My Claim, What Are My Rights?

Indiana law states that insurance companies owe a legal duty to act in “good faith and fair dealing” to every policyholder they insure. If you have reason to believe that the insurer did not exercise this when handling your claim, you have the right to file a civil action against the insurer.

The attorneys at Sarkisian Personal Injury Lawyers can review your policy and explore reasons why the insurance company may have rejected your claim. If your insurer acted in “bad faith,” we will take immediate action and file a complaint to recover the maximum amount of financial restitution possible.

How Can I Tell If My Insurer Acted In Bad Faith?

Insurance company tactics that may serve as grounds for a bad faith claim include:

  • Delaying payment of a valid claim
  • Refusing to pay a valid claim
  • Denying a claim without giving a reason
  • Failing to conduct an adequate investigation of a claim
  • Other actions that delay the claims process

If you believe that your insurance provider is acting in bad faith, work with an experienced attorney who can help fight for the compensation you need.

What Can I Do If My Workers’ Compensation Was Denied?

You have a right to dispute that decision with the employer’s insurer, the workers’ compensation board or even in court. Speak to a lawyer who can help determine why your claim was denied and what the next step should look like.

Can I Sue For Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death?

Potentially, but medical malpractice claims must be reviewed by a medical review panel made up of three doctors before the claim can be filed in court.

The attorneys at Sarkisian Personal Injury Lawyers have proven medical negligence in a variety of malpractice cases and can advise you on the best way to proceed with your case.

Experienced Legal Counsel If Your Claim Is Denied

If your insurance claim has been denied, contact the Sarkisian Personal Injury Lawyers at 219-733-8904 or send us a message online. We will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.