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We Protect Pedestrians Injured In Accidents

One minute you’re taking a stroll or walking your dog, and the next minute you’ve been hit by an irresponsible driver or bicyclist. Pedestrian accidents can be scary and unexpected, but they are a common type of injury case.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines a pedestrian as any person who is on foot, walking, running, jogging, hiking, sitting or lying down when involved in a motor vehicle accident. If you’ve been injured as a pedestrian, you need legal counsel you can rely on. The pedestrian accident lawyers at Sarkisian Personal Injury Lawyers are ready to help you with your case. Located in Lake County and Porter County, Indiana, we represent clients throughout northwestern Indiana.

Why Cars May Hit Pedestrians And How To Be Safe

As a pedestrian, you have the right to walk outside, ride your bike or go jogging without getting involved in an accident. However, even careful drivers sometimes strike pedestrians. Common situations that can increase the risk of pedestrian accidents include:

  • Low visibility caused by clouds, fog or bright sun rays
  • Low visibility at night
  • Unpredictable driving conditions caused by rain, snow or ice
  • Impaired driving

Motorists may avoid pedestrian accidents by taking these proper safety precautions:

  • When driving, always remember to yield to pedestrians. Pedestrians have the right of way, even where crosswalks are not designated.
  • When turning onto a new street or driving around a corner, be cautious with any pedestrians who may be crossing the road, especially in urban or residential areas.

If, despite your safety precautions, you struck a pedestrian, or as a pedestrian, you were stuck by a car while walking or jogging, get legal counsel as soon as possible. Our lawyers help injured pedestrians; and in fatality cases, we help family members file wrongful death claims. 

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